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about a dog and a cat
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 ♣  like oil and water

Fun stuff about KAT-TUN, and other fandoms. Tanaka Koki bias. JunnoxKoki materials.

a dog and a cat  ♦  

graphics: icons, banners, wallpapers
scans: manga, artbooks, magazines
media: tv shows, discographies
 ♥  dangerous kitten

I really don't mind you taking anything from here, but it's a must that you put credit where it's required.

siberian husky   ♠ 

I don't usually reply to comments, but I AM an attention whore (shame on me) so I absolutely love comments, if there's any at all.
If you have questions/requests, please PM.

"I think of you as more than just a friend," to Koki. Taguchi Junnosuke
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